The Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership attracts professionals intent on making a difference. Through core leadership and research courses, students learn to apply theory to practice to make educational systems more effective, more equitable, and more sustainable. Through professionally-oriented concentrations, students gain advanced knowledge in their disciplinary specialization and prepare themselves to assume higher levels of organizational leadership.
Strengths of the program include:

The Doctoral Program consists of a minimum of 60 credit hours* beyond the Master's degree:

  • Core courses (36 credit hours)
  • Elective courses (12-15 credit hours)
  • Internship (3-6 credit hours)
  • Dissertation (6 credit hours)

*Beginning in 2015, Appalachian Ed.S. graduates in educational administration and higher education leadership from 2012 or later will have 30 credit hours of the doctoral program waived.