Application Process

Admission Information

Cohort members are drawn from all sectors of education, with an emphasis on professionals in leadership positions in public schools, community colleges, and universities. To apply for the Appalachian State Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership, applicants must hold a Master's Degree from an accredited institution.

Applications for all cohorts are due February 1st.  Admission letters are typically sent 6 weeks after applications close. The Doctoral Program does not conduct rolling admissions; all applications are evaluated after the February 1st deadline. Admission to the Doctoral Program is competitive. All applications for a given entry term will be weighed based upon the number of seats available and the quality of the complete application packages. 

Applications are submitted online. Detailed application information can be found in Graduate Admissions.

 Cohort Schedule:

  • Online Cohort 2 begins Fall 2020
    • Application Due: February 1, 2020
    • For additional information, you may contact the Program Associate: 828-262-7647 |

Application Materials and Information

Required Entrance Exam: GRE (score must be no more than 5 years old). All students must submit current GRE scores. 

Required number of references to specify in the online form: 4

Application Materials: 

  1. A completed application form submitted with application fee
  2. Official transcript(s) for all college credits (undergraduate and graduate) awarded
  3. A current curriculum vitae
  4. Evidence of three years of appropriate professional work experience
  5. Four references from professional colleagues qualified to address your potential as a successful doctoral student
  6. Letter of intent (upload on the Additional Information page in the online application)
    1. Please address the following points without exceeding five double-spaced pages:
      1. Your purposes for pursuing a doctoral degree and your future professional goals.
      2. Your major academic and research area interests.
      3. Any issues or problems evident in your community that you believe can be addressed by relevant research skills and scholarly inquiry.
      4. Scholars and educational leaders who have influenced your own thinking and practice.
      5. Your understanding of the ways that doctoral education can help you to lead educational change and bring necessary knowledge to bear on the  needs of communities.
  7. Applicants should arrange for an interview with the Director of the Doctoral Program prior to completing the written application
  8. A Graduate Record Examination (GRE) transcript, validating a competitive score on each subsection of the exam (the exam must have been taken within 5 years) with a GRE Writing score of 4.0

Basic Conditions for Consideration of Admission: Meeting or exceeding the conditions below does NOT guarantee admission. All applications for a given entry term will be weighed based upon the number of seats available and the quality of the complete application packages. With special permission from the Graduate School, a program may admit a limited number of students with exceptional circumstances who do not meet the graduate school minimums.

Graduate School: 3.0 GPA in the last earned degree and official scores from the appropriate admission test(s), OR 2.5 GPA in the last earned degree and official scores at the 25th percentile level from the appropriate admission test(s).

Admission to Educational Leadership: Master’s Degree from accredited college or University or the Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree from Appalachian State University, GRE Writing score of 4.0.

Please refer to the Graduate School website for all information regarding admission into the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership. If you are interested in an Online or Off-Campus cohort please reference the Appalachian Online website