On-Campus Cohorts

On Campus Cohorts

Please note: The Program Associate is available for help through the editing process. The candidate must reach out to the Program Associate (Audrey Jones; jonesam5@appstate.edu) if they need assistance.

  1. Print out the final draft on regular printer paper
  2. Collect signature pages and Final Draft into one envelope - signature pages can be on regular printer paper
  3. Take the final draft and signature pages to the Graduate School -- Sharron Grimes
  4. The Graduate School will have an anonymous reader read the dissertation and add edits that need to be made before it is signed off by the Graduate School
  5. The Graduate School will send an email to the candidate stating the edited dissertation is ready for pick up.
  6. The candidate will pick up the edited dissertation
  7. The candidate will make all the edits as quickly as possible
  8. The candidate will print off the completed draft
  9. The candidate will take the edited draft AND the completed draft to the Graduate School
  10. Steps 4-9 will be repeated until all edits have been completed. At that point the Graduate School will send an email to the candidate with instructions and forms to complete for dissertation binding. 
  11. The candidate will follow all steps that are included in the email from the Graduate School. If help is needed in fulfilling the steps, the candidate will need to reach out to the Program Associate for assistance. Failure to finish the necessary steps by the final deadline will result in graduation being delayed until the following semester.
    1. The Graduate School requires each student to print out their own copies of their dissertation. Each copy will need to be printed, placed in an envelope with the information required by Sharron Grimes in the email referenced above. 

The final bound copies will be sent to the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership office. It generally takes 3-4 months for dissertations to be delivered. Communication will be sent out by the Program Associate once they are received by the office in order to schedule the pick up of each dissertation. One copy will be kept by the program.