Characteristics and Requirements

Characteristics and Requirements

The QE is comprised of two inter-related papers, each 20-25 pages in length (6000 word minimum), focused on a topic of professional educational significance. Each paper must adhere to APA formatting and reference requirements. A unified reference list will accompany both papers. The entire exam may not exceed 60 pages.

The QE provides a formal opportunity for students to demonstrate competency in the following areas:

  • an articulation of a foundational theory or framework that informs a significant educational issues
  • a review and critique of relevant research/policy literature
  • a thorough understanding of a specific methodology used for research

Topics selected for the QE should hold strong interest for the student -- it may be a topic previously explored in doctoral coursework. While most students will continue to refine and develop the topic for use in the dissertation proposal/prospectus, some students may elect to change the topic after completion of the QE.

Guidelines for the QE are listed on the following page. Students will pick two of the three questions to answer. Selection of the questions should be on the advice of the Dissertation Chair. Ideally, the QE will foster the student’s thinking and inform the design of the student’s future research, naturally leading them toward the dissertation.