This section outlines the process and the specifics of the dissertation process. The processes surrounding the Dissertation begin with the dissertation committee and end in the Graduate School.

Please read the Thesis and Dissertation Preparation page on the Graduate School website; it outlines the processes and procedures required by the Graduate School. Doctoral students in the dissertation phase are referred to as candidates or dissertators.

For any questions surrounding the dissertation processes, please contact the Program Associate (Audrey Jones; jonesam5@appstate.edu)

The Basic Steps for the Dissertation Process:

  1. Register for EDL 7999: Dissertation Research for two consecutive semesters
  2. Have the Pre-Defense Meeting
  3. Complete the Pre-Defense form and turn it in to the Program Associate
  4. Apply to Graduate
  5. Purchase Regalia
  6. Defend the Dissertation
  7. Edit the Dissertation
  8. Send the Dissertation to the Graduate School for their editing process
  9. Complete all final forms and print the Dissertation
  10. Graduate

Please use the following links to find out more information regarding the dissertation: