Dissertation Prospectus Guidelines

Prospectus Guidelines

The Dissertation Prospectus is a 25-30 page paper that outlines a proposed study (theoretical, conceptual, or methodological). Students should consult with the dissertation Chair to determine which of the following questions must be addressed.

It includes the following essential questions:

  1. What is your problem statement? If applicable
  2. What is your topic? What is/are your research question(s)? Clearly describe your central claim(s) and focus.
  3. What theories and/or concepts inform your proposed research? What is the theoretical or conceptual framework for your study? If applicable
  4. How do theories and/or concepts inform your methodological approach?
  5. How does your topic fit within the existing scholarship on your topic? (i.e., history of the topic, significance or importance of your topic, the ongoing scholarly discourse and how your study may contribute to the current discourse)