Dissertation Research: EDL 7999

Dissertation Research: EDL 7999

In order to register for EDL 7999, a candidate must have:

  • All coursework completed.
    • Electives must be finished prior to registering for EDL 7999. If coursework is not complete, the candidate will not be permitted to register for EDL 7999 until all coursework is complete.
  • An approved Committee Membership Form
  • An approved proposal/prospectus turned into the Graduate School

All candidates must be registered during the regular academic year (fall/spring) for EDL 7999: Dissertation Research the entire time they are working on their dissertation (research and writing). Registration for EDL 7999 is only required in the summer if a candidate plans to defend in the summer; if a candidate does not plan to defend in the summer they are not required to register for credits in the summer.

A candidate must register for 3 credit hours of EDL 7999 for two consecutive semesters to be eligible for defense. A total of 6 credit hours is required for defense. If a candidate has not registered for 6 credit hours of EDL 7999 they cannot defend their dissertation. To register for EDL 7999, contact the Program Associate (Elizabeth Fields; fieldsle1@appstate.edu).

If the candidate and their committee believe they can defend their dissertation in one semester they must request approval from the Director of the Doctoral Program four weeks prior to the beginning of the semester the candidate plans to defend. The Chair must be copied on the email to the Director requesting approval. If approved, the student will be required to take 6 credit hours of EDL 7999 in one semester.

Registration Schedule of EDL 7999:

  • Two semesters of EDL 7999 at 3 credit hours each
  • Each semester of EDL 7999 after 6 credit hours have been taken will be 1 credit hour
  • After 9 credit hours of EDL 7999 have been taken, the candidate will need to reach out to the Program Associate (Elizabeth Fields; fieldsle1@appstate.edu) in order to register for GRD 7989

Example: Fall 2024 and Spring 2025, a candidate will register for 3 credit hours. Fall 2025/Spring 2026/Fall 2026, a candidate will register for 1 credit hour. Any credits needed after Fall 2026, the candidate will need to register for GRD 7989.

Continuous enrollment is required to stay in the program. If enrollment is dropped, a student is not guaranteed to be readmitted to the program.