Editing and Graduation

Editing and Graduation

Essential dates and deadlines for the Graduate School are found on the Graduate School's website. These, as well as programmatic deadlines, will be communicated to the candidate by the Program Associate as soon as they are aware of the defense date. If the candidate is defending and has any questions regarding deadlines, they should reach out to the Program Associate (Elizabeth Fields; fieldsle1@appstate.edu). Students are expected to have read the Graduate School’s Thesis and Dissertation Preparation webpage prior to work on their dissertation.

Missing certain deadlines will result in the candidate not graduating during the term that they plan to graduate during. If the candidate misses essential deadlines and graduation is delayed, they will be required to sign up for a semester of GRD 7989 in order to be in the system for graduation.


In order to graduate, the candidate must have a dissertation approved by the Graduate School. This section covers the editing and printing process. After the defense, the candidate will edit the dissertation with the suggestions from the dissertation committee.

The Doctoral Program requires one bound copy and one electronic copy (PDF) of the dissertation after all edits have been made. If the candidate plans to order three bound copies for themself, they will need to place an order for four total copies. One copy will be taken by the Doctoral Program when the dissertations are delivered.

Step by step instructions for the printing and editing process are linked by type of cohort at the bottom of the page. 

In order to graduate, all steps must be completed prior to the deadline established by the Graduate School, found in the Essential Dates section of their website under the COMPLETED Thesis Deadline. All steps include payment and any shipping information required. 


In order to walk at graduation, the candidate must apply to graduate at the beginning of the semester of defense AND fulfill all the necessary edits/steps required for binding. If there are any outstanding requirements, the student will not be permitted to walk during the semester they initially applied to graduate.

At commencement, the doctoral student will be hooded by their Chair or the Director of the Doctoral Program if the Chair is unable to participate in commencement. The name of the student, the names of the committee members and the title of the dissertation will be read at commencement.

The Program Associate will reach out after the defenses have concluded in order to check what is on record in regards to their name, dissertation title and committee members. The student will be expected to check for any errors in spelling or title and notify the Program Associate of any changes that need to be made.