Educational Administration

Educational Administration

Concentration internship and elective requirements may be fulfilled by completion of an earned Ed.S. in Educational Administration. If the student is coming from the Appalachian State University Ed.S. program, the student will be waived from all internship and elective credit hours for a max total of 30 credit hours. If the student is coming from another accredited institution, the Director of the Doctoral Program will assess their transcript to determine if any coursework may be accepted, dependent upon the relevance of the courses to the program, the grades received, and adherence to Graduate School regulations pertaining to transfer hours. The Director of the Doctoral Program will send out a Program of Study with specific information regarding each student that enters with an Ed.S. at the beginning of the program. 

Concentration Requirements (outside of core) - number in parentheses represents credit hours:

  • EDL 7900: Internship (3-6) *if a student takes 3 credit hours of internship they are required to take 18 credit hours of electives. If a student takes 6 credit hours of internship, they are required to take 15 credit hours of electives.

15-18* Credit Hours of Elective Courses - number in parentheses represents credit hours:

  • LSA 6020: Organization and Systems Theory for District Leaders (3)
  • LSA 6030: School District Leadership (3)
  • LSA 6080: District Leadership: Data-Informed Strategic Planning (3)
  • LSA 6190: Developing and Maintaining District Resources (3)
  • LSA 6250: School District Organizational Communications (3)
  • LSA 6400: Leading Change in Education (3)
  • ITC 6550: Information Technology Systems in Education (3)
  • LSA 6700: Policy Analysis in Educational Leadership (3)

Select one of the courses below with advice and approval of an advisor:

  • LSA 6900: School Administration and Supervision Internship/Field Study (3+3) [for pre-service candidates]
  • LSA6910 District Level Action Research Leadership Evidences (3+3) [for in-service candidates]

Students may request different graduate level courses by contacting the Doctoral Program Director.

In order to finish the coursework portion of the program within a 2 year timeframe, electives must be taken alongside core coursework or in summer sessions. If a student chooses to wait until the end to take electives, then the time needed to complete coursework will exceed two years.


If a student is interested in earning the Principal’s Licensure (licensure is NOT through the Doctoral Program) must take the following courses as their electives:

  • LSA 5030: The Principalship (3)
  • LSA 5400: Developing and Managing Resources (3)
  • LSA 5600: School Law (3)
  • LSA 5910/5900: Internship (3-6)
  • RES 5070: School-based Evaluation and School Improvement