Instructional Technology Leadership

Instructional Technology Leadership

Concentration Requirements (outside of core) - number in parentheses represents credit hours:

Students will only choose one of the following courses

  • EDL 7900: Internship (3-6)*if a student takes 3 credit hours of internship they are required to take 18 credit hours of electives. If a student takes 6 credit hours of internship, they are required to take 15 credit hours of electives. 
  • ITC 6910: Research and Application in Instructional Leadership (3)

15-18* Credit Hours of Elective Courses - number in parentheses represents credit hours:

  • ITC 6010: Learning, Design and Technology (3)
  • ITC 6020: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Utilizing Digital Technologies (3)
  • ITC 6030: Planning for Instructional Technology Initiatives (3)
  • ITC 6040: Technology, Leadership and Management for Systemic Improvement (3)
  • ITC 6050: Critical Research and Perspectives in New Media and Literacies (3)

Students may request different graduate level courses by contacting the Doctoral Program Director (Interim: Tracy Goodson-Espy;

In order to finish the coursework portion of the program within a 2 year timeframe, electives must be taken alongside core coursework or in summer sessions. If a student chooses to wait until the end to take electives, then the time needed to complete coursework will exceed two years.