Instructional Technology Leadership

Instructional Technology Leadership

Concentration Requirements (outside of core) - number in parentheses represents credit hours:

Students will only choose one of the following courses

  • EDL 7900: Internship (3-6)*if a student takes 3 credit hours of internship they are required to take 18 credit hours of electives. If a student takes 6 credit hours of internship, they are required to take 15 credit hours of electives. 
  • ITC 6910: Research and Application in Instructional Leadership (3)

15-18* Credit Hours of Elective Courses - number in parentheses represents credit hours:

  • ITC 6010: Learning, Design and Technology (3)
  • ITC 6020: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Utilizing Digital Technologies (3)
  • ITC 6030: Planning for Instructional Technology Initiatives (3)
  • ITC 6040: Technology, Leadership and Management for Systemic Improvement (3)
  • ITC 6050: Critical Research and Perspectives in New Media and Literacies (3)

Students may request different graduate level courses by contacting the Doctoral Program Director.

In order to finish the coursework portion of the program within a 2 year timeframe, electives must be taken alongside core coursework or in summer sessions. If a student chooses to wait until the end to take electives, then the time needed to complete coursework will exceed two years.