2019 Doctoral Symposium: Finding Our Voice

2019 Doctoral Symposium: Finding Our Voice

On March 29, 2019 the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership held our annual symposium.  The symposium consisted of a panel discussion in the morning, the 2019 Naylor Award presentations, the 2018 Naylor Award speeches and paper presentations in the afternoon. 

Panel Members

JuanEs Ramirez, Ed.S. | Current Ed.D. Student

Leveraging Latinx Parents’ Cultural Wealth: Pláticas with Parents About their Involvement in Post-Secondary Educational Spaces in Western North Carolina

Brooksie Sturdivant, Ed.D. | 2018 Ed.D. Graduate

Resilient African-American Woman: Autoethnographic and Narrative Inquiry of Subjectivity and Agency

Stacy Holliday, Ed.D. | 2018 Ed.D. Graduate

Dreambuilders: Undocucompetence Among Educators in the North Carolina Community College System

Devery Mock Ward, Ph.D. | Current RCOE Faculty

Director of the Anderson Reading Clinic; Researches effective instruction of students with significant reading disabilities 

Elizabeth Bellows, Ph.D. | Current RCOE Faculty

Inclusive Excellence Coordinator in the Center for Academic Excellence and Co-Author of (Re)Imagining Elementary Social Studies: A Controversial Issues Reader

2019 Naylor Award Winners

Brooke Hardin, Ed.D. 

How They Do It: Examining Teachers’ Understandings and Appropriations of Instructional Tools and Strategies Learned in Writing Methods Coursework


  • Dave Koppenhaver, Ph.D. | Chair
  • Beth Frye, Ed.D. 
  • Woodrow Trather, Ph.D. 

Brooksie Sturdivant, Ed.D. 

Resilient African-American Women: Autoethnographic and Narrative Inquiry of Subjectivity and Agency


  • Audrey Dentith, Ph.D. | Chair
  • Nickolas Jordan, Ph.D. 
  • Fran Bates Oates, Ed.D.

2018 Naylor Award Winners

Star P. Brown, Ed.D. 

Doing, Undoing, and Redoing Collegiate Athletics: Conceptual Tales of Marginality and Mattering


  • Alecia Jackson, Ph.D. | Chair
  • Chris Osmond, Ph.D. 
  • Kim Hall, Ph.D.

John Robinson, Ed.D. 

A Postmodern Analysis of the Practice of Using Value Added Measures to Determine Teacher Effectiveness


  • Alecia Jackson, Ph.D. | Chair
  • Chris Osmond, Ph.D. 
  • Greg McClure, Ph.D.

Afternoon Presenations


  • Peaches Hash | A/r/ticulation: Arts-Based Inquiry in the Composition Classroom
  • Shannon Jordan, Ed.D. | White Parents, Mixed Race Children: The Entangled Effects of Love, Racism, and Parenting
  • Chris Osmond, Ph.D. & Fran Bates Oates, Ed.D. | The Appalachian State University/Winston-Salem State University Student Exchange Partnership: Preparing Teachers for ALL Classrooms


  • Chris Gilbert | Pushing Back: Research and Advocacy for Public Education
  • Theresa Redmond, Ed.D. & Jennifer Luetkemeyer Ph.D.| Celebrating Diverse Voices through Visual Expression
  • Bronwyn Harris | Supporting Early Symbolic Communication in Children with Complex Communication Needs and Significant Intellectual Disabilities Through Shared Storybook Interactions


  • Roma Angel, Ed.D | Listening to the Voices of Women in Educational Leadership: Advancing Research through Formation Mentoring Communities
  • Courtney Baines; Ed.D. | Action Research for Sustainability Education in a Public High School Science Classroom.
  • Matthew Thomas-Reid, Ph.D. | Queer Activist Research


  • Kristi Short, Ed.D. | When Community College Students Speak, Listen
  • Mina Min, Ph.D. | Influential factors on teacher agency toward reform with curricular autonomy in South Korea: A social cognitive approach
Panel at the 2019 Doctoral Symposium; from left to right: Dr. Elizabeth Bellows, Dr. Devery Ward, Dr. Stacy Holliday, Dr. Brooksie Sturdivant, JuanEs Ramirez
Published: Apr 8, 2019 2:40pm