Educational Leadership: Doctor of Education (EdD)


Appalachian State University’s Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership fosters the development of educators who embrace just and sustainable practices. We support and nurture a wide variety of research methodologies that enhance collaborative learning to create positive individual, social, cultural and institutional change. We consistently engage in a critical analysis of biases including race, gender, poverty, and all other -identities that shape our lives. Across a variety of disciplines, our inclusive and challenging program inspires a diversity of critical thought and unique transformative experiences.

We are educators who strive to advance knowledge of the field through research and inquiry that effectively creates, implements and evaluates instructional and institutional practices, programs and policy in a variety of discipline settings. We are policy-makers, advocates, and information producers who strive to enhance the knowledge and skills of practicing professionals in educational leadership roles throughout the state of North Carolina, the region, and the nation. We prepare educators for careers as researchers, and advanced practitioners in a wide array of educational settings including community colleges, universities, PreK-12 schools, and community organizations.

Our program has impacted the success of educators in a wide variety of settings. Our graduates have informed policies at the institutional, local, regional and state levels. They have  successfully implemented programs that have changed the perceptions of the larger community regarding education, research and the learning process.