Programmatic Logistics and Guidelines

Programmatic Logistics and Guidelines

NOTE: While this Handbook provides a summary of programmatic information for the convenience of the student, the policies and procedures outlined here are subject to the information published in the Graduate Bulletin.

Time Limit Requirements

Coursework expires seven (7) years after the date the initial grade is awarded. Coursework may not be used for the degree after 7 years has passed. For example, coursework taken in Fall 2018 may be used on a program of study for graduation until December 2025.

As referenced in the Graduate Bulletin (found at, all graduate credit offered for the degree must have been earned within 7 years after the year of admission. For example, students entering in Fall 2018 have until December 2025 to complete their degree.

Extensions to the seven year rule will not be granted except in extraordinary circumstances. Only if the Director of the Doctoral Program deems that the situation is exceptional will the student be allowed to petition the Graduate School for an exception. The Graduate School makes the final determination of whether the approve or disapprove the extension. Extensions are very rarely approved.


As referenced in the Graduate Bulletin (found at, grades on coursework may not average lower than 3.0 at any time during the program. No student may receive more than 3 C-level grades in a program of study. No credit toward the degree shall be granted for a grade of “F”, “U”, “WF”, or “WU”. Please see the Graduate Bulletin for the complete policy. 

Suspension and Dismissal

As referenced in the Graduate Bulletin (found at, Appalachian State University reserves the right to exclude, at any time, a graduate student whose performance is unsatisfactory or whose conduct is deemed improper or prejudicial to the best interest of the University.

Graduate Students who do not maintain a cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 3.00 or higher cannot register for classes without written recommendation of the Dean of the Graduate School (see “Probationary Status”).

Degree Candidacy is discontinued for the student who has received four grades of “C,” and if a graduate student receives a grade of “F” or “U,” the student may not continue in the Graduate School unless the advisor submits, in writing, an acceptable recommendation to the Dean of the Graduate School. In no case my a graduate student be permitted to repeat more than one course to improve the grade, and the student who receives a second grade of “F”, “U”, “WF”, or “WU” may not continue toward the graduate degree under any circumstances.

Graduate credit accepted in fulfillment of the requirements for a graduate degree shall average not lower than 3.00, and no credit toward the degree shall be granted for a grade of “F”, “U”, “WF”, or “WU.” A grade of “F” or “U” is assigned to a student who arbitrarily discontinues meeting a class or who withdraws without making proper arrangements with the Registrar’s Office.

Transfer Credits

As referenced in the Graduate Bulletin (found at, a degree- or certificate-seeking student may, with permission of the program director, request approval from the Graduate School to transfer graduate course work to Appalachian from another accredited graduate school. This coursework must be at the same or higher level than the student’s program at Appalachian and must be acceptable in a graduate degree program at the credit-granting institution.

Permission to use transfer hours on a program of study must be granted by both the student’s program and the Graduate School. Transfer credit should be reported to the Graduate School as soon as possible, but will not be posted to the student’s official Appalachian transcript until official transcripts are received.

Students should arrange for official transcripts to be sent directly to the graduate records staff in the Graduate School as soon as grades are posted.

Graduate work included in an earned degree from another institution cannot be included on a program of study.

Time limit:

Transfer credits are subject to the 7-year time limit requirement at the time of graduation.

Number of hours:

The maximum number of hours of transfer allowed is 9 hours for degree-seeking students, and 25% of the number of hours required for certificate-seeking students.

Minimum Acceptable Grades:

The grades earned must be at least “B” (3.0/4.0). A “B-” is not acceptable. Courses with grades of “P” meaning “Passing” or “Pass/Fail” option and grades of “S” meaning “Satisfactory” are not acceptable for transfer.

Please refer to the Graduate Bulletin for a full listing of policies from the Graduate School. The Graduate Bulletin is found at

Tuition Waivers

If the student is a full time employee of a University of North Carolina system school, they may be eligible for academic tuition waivers/reimbursement. Please look the Human Resources website for eligibility (

In the case that a student is a full time employee of Appalachian State University, they are eligible for 3 tuition waivers each academic year (fall-summer). In order to process the waiver in time, the student should submit the waiver as soon as they register for their classes. Waivers no longer need to come through the academic departments, they only need to go through the employees department.