Scoring the QE

Scoring the QE

The QE consists of two papers (see Characteristics and Requirements). The QE will be scored by the Dissertation Committee Chair and the Associate Director of the Doctoral Program or a designated doctoral faculty member. They form the Qualifying Examination Review Committee (QERC).
The QERC will independently evaluate the QE based on the rubric. They will meet to discuss their individual evaluations in order to determine a summary rating for each paper. If there is substantive disagreement between the QERC, a third doctoral faculty member will be asked to review the QE independently and facilitate discussion of a summary rating. If a third member needs to be added to the QERC, the Associate Director will need to be notified and approve of the addition.

 Review of the QE will result in one of the following outcomes:

  1. Both QE papers rated as Excellent or Acceptable (scoring 18-27 on each paper). The student passes the QE
  2. One QE paper is rated as Excellent or Acceptable (score between 18-27); the other paper is rated as Unacceptable (score at or below 17). The student is granted 6 weeks from the date of notification to make revisions to the paper rated Unacceptable. The student needs to notify the Associate Director (Chris Osmond; that they plan to work on the Unacceptable paper. The Associate Director will change the ASULearn deadline for the student to allow for a late submission.  If the QE is still evaluated as Unacceptable after a second submission, a meeting will be held with the Director and Associate Director of the Doctoral Program to discuss the students ability to advance in the Program. 
  3. Both QE papers are rated as Unacceptable (score at or below 17). In this case, the student is required to meet with the Associate Director to determine the student’s interest and ability to continue in the doctoral program. The student will need to develop an Action Plan to address the deficiencies in the QE and revise both papers within a six week period. The papers will be resubmitted and reviewed by the QERC. 

 Failure to Pass/Submit the QE

If a student fails to produce a QE that scores above a 34 after making revisions or fails to submit the QE by the appropriate deadline, the student will not be able to advance to candidacy and will be withdrawn from the Doctoral Program. A student has the right to appeal, please reference the Graduate Bulletin for more information.

 After Passing the QE

If a student passes the QE, they will begin work on the proposal/prospectus. In order to maintain enrollment, the student will need to register for GRD 7989. The student must reach out to the Program Associate (Elizabeth Fields; to obtain the CRN to register for GRD 7989. A student only has to be registered for the Fall and Spring semesters, summer enrollment is not required to maintain enrollment.

More information regarding GRD 7989 can be found on the coursework page. 

 Continuous enrollment is required to stay in the program. If enrollment is dropped, a student is not guaranteed to be readmitted to the program.