Submission Details

Submission Deadlines

The QE must be submitted to the Qualifying Exam Review Committee (QERC) using ASULearn no later than Nov. 1 for Fall submissions and April 1 for Spring submissions. Summer submissions are not accepted without prior approval of the student’s QERC. The student must reach out to their QERC by email asking to submit their QE over the summer. The request must be approved by all members of the QERC. If it is approved by all members of the QERC, the email containing the approvals must be forwarded to the Associate Director of the Doctoral Program no later than four weeks before the end of the spring semester.

A student may submit their QE prior to the deadline. For example, if the student is not ready by Nov. 1 but completes the QE early in December, the student may submit their QE anytime between December and April 1.

The QE must be submitted no later than one academic year after the student finishes their core coursework. If a student finishes the Fall of 2022, the student would need to submit the QE by Nov. 1, 2023. Failure to submit the QE by the required date will result in being withdrawn from the Doctoral Program.

Exceptions to the deadline will only be accepted prior to the submission date. A student will need to request a modification to the deadline by emailing the Associate Director  with the extenuating circumstance and sufficient evidence. Requests do not have to be accepted, if a request is not accepted the student will have to submit the QE by the official due date.

Submission Process

To submit the QE, the student will log on to their ASULearn and click on the ASULearn-Projects tab at the bottom of the page. Once they click on the Doctoral Program Qualifying Exam, there will be a QE Submission (one running document with unified reference list) link they will use to submit the actual QE. 

Steps After Submission:

  • The QE will be read by the Chair and a designated doctoral faculty member (either another committee member, the Associate Director, or a designee). The turnaround is 3-4 weeks.
  • The Chair will send the rubric and a signed copy of the Qualifying Exam Results Form to the Program Associate with the Associate Director copied via email. 
  • The Program Associate will enter the rubric scores into ASULearn and will send an email with the results to the student.
  • The Program Associate will submit the online QE Results Form to the Graduate School as an official confirmation of submission of the QE.