About Us

Our Mission

Appalachian State University’s Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership fosters the development of educators who embrace just and sustainable practices. We support and nurture a wide variety of research methodologies that enhance collaborative learning to create positive individual, social, cultural, and institutional change. We consistently engage in a critical analysis of biases including race, gender, poverty, and all other identities that shape our lives. Across a variety of disciplines, our inclusive and challenging program inspires a diversity of critical thought and unique transformative experiences.

Goals of the Program

  • Introduce students to the methodologies of critical analysis of educational theories and practices
  • Engage students in disciplined inquiry in the field of education
  • Prepare students for making contributions to educational theory and practice
  • Prepare students to become leaders and change agents in diverse educational settings

Program Characteristics

  • Access to faculty in varying disciplines
  • Internships that blend research and practice
  • Research assistantship opportunities
  • Cohort structure
  • Equity and justice-oriented curriculum
  • Faculty attuned to adult, professional learners
  • Membership in Carnegie Project for the Educational Doctorate (CPED)